Ramco Energy Products Ltd., a Calgary based company, is the Sales Representative for leading manufacturers of custom engineered process equipment in Western Canada.

We specialize in the application and sale of Heat Exchangers which includes Air Coolers, Brazed Aluminum Heat exchangers / Cold Boxes, Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Plate & Frame heat exchangers, Recuperators, Economizers & Air Dryers, Rotating Equipment, Vent Silencers, Expansion Joints & Dampers, Thermal Oxidizers & Bio Phase Filters (for treatment of organic and inorganic air emissions) & Scrubber Systems

The products have application & installations in primary industries including:

  • Natural gas processing & transport (LNG, LPG, NGL recovery)
  • Heavy oil production (SAGD, EOR)
  • Upgrading & Refining
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Cement
  • Mining & Mineral processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food / Beverage

Together with the expertise and experience of our manufacturers, Ramco has been providing local assistance and technical support during project development and engineering phases by offering equipment sizing and costing, providing technical presentations on products and applications, including details on performance or cost benefits as well as assisting on equipment specification. All our equipment’s meet local and industry standards as applicable.

We also provide equipment commissioning, field assistance and aftermarket support through each of our manufacturers.

Over 35 years in operation, Ramco Energy is committed to providing local support to customers in Western Canada in conjunction with a high level of expertise and quality.

Download Ramco Product Line Sheet