Thermal Oxidizers and Bio-Phase Filters




PCC  Oxidation Technologies (Process Combustion Corporation), Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  • PCC designs, engineers, and supplies thermal oxidizers, afterburners, incineration systems, and bio-filtration technology that destroys liquids, gases, fumes, vapors, and malodorous compounds.
  • Systems experience in hazardous waste incineration, VOC destruction, and acid gas systems is complemented by knowledge, understanding and practical know-how of heat recovery boilers, heat exchangers, wet scrubbers, baghouses, and electrostatic precipitators

Thermal Oxidizers:

PCC thermal oxidizers operate on the principle - which is thermally promoting an oxidation reaction between the pollutant compound in the exhaust gas and the available oxygen.

  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer– thermal oxidizer without heat recovery
  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer(Afterburner) – direct fired thermal oxidizer with downstream heat recovery equipment such as gas- to-gas heat exchangers, waste heat recovery boilers, gas to liquid heat exchangers to maximize the overall system efficiency.


Dual-BioPhase™ Bio Oxidation:

The Dual-BioPhase™ design utilizes a unique synthetic media on which contaminant degrading microorganisms are immobilized as biofilm.

  • As air flows through the bed of media, the contaminant comes in contact with the active biofilms thus degrading the pollutant compounds. A continuous flow of water trickles through the media bed to keep the biofilms biologically active and free of biomass build up.
  • Inlet waste gas temperature is typically in an ambient temperature range of 40°F – 200°F. Temperatures exceeding the design limitation can be adjusted by air mixing, quenching or heat exchanging, as required for each specific application.

Vapor phase activated carbon adsorbers:

Ideal for eliminating or minimizing the VOC emissions from a wide range of industrial processes including:

  • Efficienttreatment of vapor streams with low VOC levels
  • Flexiblefor both continuous and batch operations
  • Provento remove VOCs, including Halogenated Organics & BTEX
  • Suitablefor a wide range of waste gas flow rates, from 20 cfm to >20,000 cfm